Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

A new world?

Once ambushed, the adventurers retaliated and tore into the small group of dark dwarves. The battle was over and done with almost as soon as it began, with only a lone survivor. He begged for his life, telling the party he would exchange all his wealth for his life (he and his friends were starving, weak tomb raiders), and show them the way out of the cave to the (roughly translated) “soaked forest”. He gave Anya a rod of hook horror control, and some small jewels, and began limping toward the exit. Some webbing was found among the ceiling of the cave. The party started to notice the air was changing around them, getting damp and sticky. The small duergar approached an intersection in the cave, and pointed exclaiming “That’s the way out!” and as he said the words, a globe of utter darkness enveloped him and he screamed in terror, and then in pain. The party readied their weapons and waited for anything. From the darkness, an arc of lightning came forth and ravaged the party. Emerging from the globe of darkness came a massive female drider, with her male counterpart ambushing from the rear with a massive bow. The party struggled for just a moment, and when wits were collected, came back onto their opponents with a furious vengeance, making very short work of the would-be thieving driders. Close to the ambush there was a small amount of treasure and some bodies wrapped up in silk. The bodies appeared to be large lizardmen…
Continuing forth after the encounter, the party noticed the walls had changed from natural rock formations to roughly carved with crude images and some foreign language. The depictions showed figures worshipping a large temple, and a strange figure. Moving forward, they came upon the entrance, to a very strange site. A rain forest. This massive mountain range actually housed inside them massive caves part of the Underdark. Over time, the roofs of the caves feel, revealing a lush underground ecosystem waiting to prosper. So in essence, the party had found another world not discovered yet, kept hidden and isolated for an enormous amount time. They rested at the mouth of the entrance, keen to recuperate their strength and enter this “new world.”
Wandering through the jungle was slow, and noisy. After some time, they came upon a large beast that UG-GRUB knew immediately as a troll, and it was feasting on some corpses. The ensueing battle was akin to a lynching, the gang grouping around the prone, regenerating body of the troll and burning it to death. This went on until the thing had died, but not without gaining the interest of a small group of lizardmen. A small amount of conversation happened to hopefully not escalate into combat, but the simple tribesmen felt threatened and attacked. Anya killed almost all of them instantly with a well-placed fireball. The survivors flew into the woods terrified. Following them for a short period, they came upon a small fortification of the lizardfolk, in which they were mounting a defense against the party. All of this commotion though gained the attention of something even bigger, as a massive tyrannosaurus rex came forth from the jungle, tearing into the lizard fort and eventually turning its attention to the party.
UG-GRUB took to the air, while the rest of the party dispersed to not become such a small target. The massive beast managed to bite, and swallow UG-GRUB while the rest of the party attempted to cause as much damage to the thing as possible. While the T-Rex set his sites on Adranus, UG-GRUB managed to [perfectly maneuver his massive hammer inside the t-rex and burst it from his chest, herat impaled on the spike of his warhammer.
They traveled north after more rest, and came upon a massive temple surrounded by lizardfolk. There appeared to be some sacrifices being made by two larger lizardfolk at the top of the temple. Some scouting was done by Eldarion. He determined the back of the temple was less occupied, and less guarded. UG-Grub did not see the sense in this and proceeded to charge the 500 or so at the foot of the temple. Two figures then stopped the horde of lizardfolk, and flew out to meet the party. Perfectly identical half-dragons stopped infront of them, exchanged a few words of mockery, and then the fight ensued. UG-GRUB took the brute of the damage from the two, but managed to kill one of them (he wore a very ancient peice of armor, a mantle of courage{looks like very old, ancient armor}). When the other was wounded enough, he flew away back to the temple heights, disappearing into its depths. The small army rushed forward to meet them. During the fight with the two half-dragons though, UG-grub was pushed almost to death, and his demonic presence came out, driving him into a frenzy, nearly killing Eldarion and barely missing Anya before he charged the lizardfolk. He tore into them like an angry god, tearing them limb from limb until they were routed, fleeing for their lives. Ug-grub collapsed from exhaustion, but managed to go forth with the party to investigate the inside of the temple.
Inside the temple, the half-dragon was waiting for them wearing new armor, and carrying a massive shield and sword. He then narrowly killed Ug-grub and Anya, but the party managed to slay him. The room was covered in gold and jewels and riches aplenty.



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