Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

And One Shall Fall...

Gragane saw them in their battered state and then spoke, “So you have found your predecessors home and castle, well done. Ah! You have also found the last remaining Horseman! Your presence is welcome Death (with that he gives Death his Horsemen abilities and powers). Your next task is of vital importance and one you must complete immediately. Behind me is the Path of the Old Ones, it is ancient and full of peril, but im sure you can manage. Through this path you will reach your fabled weapons. A Horseman needs two things to be complete: his mount, and his weapon. Go through here now, and find your weapon to aid you in your quest to reforge the Divinity Diamond.” And with that, Gragane left.
The Horsemen were badly beat up though, and in need of rest and recovery. They rested a night, and then used a bit of their Mythic Power each (12 total) and opened the portal. It kinda looked like the portal opening from Stargate. They went into the portal and were immediately shot through space and time into the Path of the Old Ones.
Once there, they all sensed something was wrong. The very air was hot, and tensed with evil. A long corridor stretched before them of ancient and weathered stone. Holes opened up into the area outside into a vast and unending void. While looking out, they saw several things. The bottom of the everlasting void was wreathed in fire and it was slowly moving up. They also saw horned and armed red demons flying around and eating what appeared to be souls. And far in the distance, but unsure of the exact distance (such was the infinite space of this interdimensional pocket), they saw a flying worm, massive and armored. Branching off from the main corridor were several other smaller corridors ending in portals and doors with ancient symbols above them. After some deduction, the Horsemen discovered that each of the doors were in fact doorways to other planes (Fire, Earth, Elysium, Abyss, etc). They had access to all of them. But the energy from each portal was being sucked away and redirected rendering them all useless. They continued following the main corridor toward where the energy was being redirected and encountered some large fierce demons lacking skin and covered in horns. It was a fierce and bloody fight following that ended quickly.
When reaching the end of the corridor, it opened into a large stone room. But as soon as they stepped inside, that realized that gravity was nonexistent here and they floated around with little control. That is when they heard the noise, quiet and rumbling at first, but then louder and getting so powerful the entire room shook. They noticed the origin of the noise was in fact the massive worm heading straight for the room they were in, mouth agape and filled with teeth the size of buildings. It could easier eat the entire room they were in, and looked as if it intended to. They struggled to retreat back out of the room and managed to just in a nick of time before the worm completely devastated the stone room they were in.
As the worm passed, a grisly and terrible sight greeted them. the broken rubble from the large chamber was scattered everywhere. Pas the rubble, several daemons and devils had imprisoned many dragons that were tied up with magical chains and suspended upside down, each drenched in blood. The blood from each dragon was being drawn slowly away from them to the center of the collection of dragons and demons. The tendrils of arcane power leaking from the planar portals all collided in front of them, opening another massive portal from which a terrible and gigantic monster was being pulled forth. The Horsemen’s older memories resurfaced and they all immediately knew it as the Tarrasque, The World Breaker.
They immediately sprung into action. War charged ahead and started battling demons while Famine and Death tried to free what looked like a still conscious and alive dragon. War killed a demon or 2 and then went up and helped free the other dragon. But all the while the portal was growing stronger the Tarrasque was now pulling through, its arms and head completely out. The Horsemen now also noted that the giant worm had turned around, and was heading back toward the battle! They had to act quickly. There was some sort of daemon sorcerer that was bringing all of the arcane and mystical energies into the portal to strengthen it, so that was the new target. War approached him for battle and fought his guard while Conquest worked against the portal strengthening. War killed the guard (and took his massive sword, FUCKSAW) and went to work on the sorcerer. Famine and Death decided now would be a good time to leave, and started going away because the portal was becoming less stable and the giant worm was coming back for round 2. War almost killed the sorcerer but the Tarrasque finished him off with a swipe of his massive clawed hand instead, so War flew up and away from the portal barely escaping the massive claws as well. Conquest determined that since the portal was mostly held together by the power of dragon blood, it could also be unmade with dragon blood (Conquest was a dragon-line sorcerer). He entered the portal himself to sacrifice himself and collapse the portal right as the massive worm closed in on the Tarrasque. A badass explosion happened, followed by a shockwave that tore through the area and hit all of the Horsemen left blowing them into another dimension!
The next thing they knew, it was freezing cold, all they could see was white, and they were all falling. War also realized that as the giant worm died, he somehow managed to get one of the pieces of the Divinity Diamond, Makra’s Third Eye.



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