Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

Ice Giant's Keep!

Being shot out the explosive realm of the Path of the Old Ones, the Riders plummet downward through freezing wind. A blizzard of thick cold snow blocks most of their vision. The landed on the steep slope on the side of a mountain in waist thick snow and we instantly inflicted with freezing conditions, but were mostly able to shrug off the effects. They did notice shortly after landing though that distinct trails in the snow were leading to them and quite quickly. Ice drakes popped up from the snow and began a fierce battle against them. The Riders fought back just as savagely and ended up defeating them just in time for more to add to the ambush. War was getting the brunt of the attack, so he slammed his massive war-hammer into the ground knocking them all over and then dispatched them easily enough, but he also managed to stir the ground beneath him, and also start an avalanche.
This brought them all the bottom of the mountain in a not so friendly and easy way. They dug themselves out and to be met by a dark figure. This figure is known to Death, for he is one of the only surviving members of his guild. His name is Tyronius and he is in the area on a mission: to find their master and leader. They went to his shelter and rested up, and then headed out toward the area Tyronius thought his master would be in.
The next morning, the came upon a strange sight. Several dozen orcs looked to be enslaved by several ice giants and remorhazes patrolled as well. Ug-Grub saw this (and having already an intense hatred of giants) charges straight into battle and instantly killed one of the giants. A massive brawl broke out between the Riders and these giants. The Riders went straight into the mist of battle and began to do their bloody work. One giant saw them coming, and immediately sprinted in the other way, but enough of them were still there that he was generally ignored. The orc slaves ran away as much as they could (they were all chained together). Dorian saw the need for some crowd control and then cast a large wall of blades to limit the amount of giants and giant insectoids that were closing in on them. Death also damaged his only weapon, Fiendstorm, during the fight and couldn’t really help out much(his gear was crap).The battle lasted only about a minute or two, such was its ferocity.
Afterwards, the Horsemen approached the orc slaves, and found out they were actually the remaining members of Ug-Grub’s tribe! He freed them, and told them to go and fight. Then a loud noise came from behind them, and they saw and felt the ground move. From the distance they could see the nearby trees parting and falling over as something enormous came toward them on the ground. A massive frost worm, riden by the giant that initially ran away, emerged from the tree line and immediately blasted the Riders and the surrounding orcs with a massive breathe weapon instantly freezing and killing all of the orcs and heavily damaging the already battle-worn party. Ug-Grub, seeing most of his tribe die right before his eyes, flew into a rage and hurled himself through the air at the great beast. With an enormous blow he felled the beast and then they killed the giant that was riding it, much to his surprise.
They investigated the rest of the mines and discovered more orcs, and the rest of Ug-Grub’s tribe. He talked with them, but they were afraid at first. He made them pull together, form a tribe and make war on the giants. Then the party moved forward to the ice giant princess keep.
The party needed to rest before the attack on the ice giant fortress, so they made a defensible camp and healed up. But during the late evening, Tyronius teleported away with Death to a faraway location. He explained to Death that he wanted to now rule the assassin/ninja guild himself, and to do that he needed to start over with a new batch of members with none of the old ones. He challenged Death to a duel (no invisibility was allowed, cause that was lame). Initiate fucking ninja match! Although Tyronius was much better equipped, Death had Mystic powers to help him, and ended up barely winning the match, but got some great loot from the dead ninja. He found the other Horsemen again, and they prepared for a battle.
They found the fortress the next day and the enormity of it was baffling. It could have easily housed 5000 giants, and was the size of a mountain. It was made of a mixture of boulders, blue ice, and chunks of metal throughout the structure. A central black and blue ice tower took up the center of the keep, and it peaked around 600ft tall. The Riders came to the conclusion to the leaders would be at the top of the tower, and that that was where they would hit them. Confident in their abilities, they teleported directly into the top of the tower after scrying the inside of it while looking for Death’s guild master. They were not prepared.
A small force of strong ice giants, the princess’s head cleric, the princess herself, and her extremely large dragon bodyguard were in the room. The party immediately went into action. Famine had wall of blades up and controlled some of them. WAR went for the princess and the dragon, but was kinda over matched quickly. Death decided to look into the metal cage suspended in the air next to the throne in the room and see to his master. His master was dead, so he looted his corpse of the ninja guild headband and his katana.
The ice giants didn’t prove too much of an issue, but the dragon, clerc and princess were proving quite a hassle. Ug-Grub refused to leave the fight, and plan to fight until either his opponents were dead, or he was. He challenged the ice giants princess and even with the dragon trying to kill him, he managed to slay the princess (much to his regret for he found he most beautiful and fierce).He fought on while the other Riders realized they may have bitten off more than they could chew. Famine tried to work on the dragon with his spells, but the dragon shrugged them off without much effort, and Famine knew his spells would mostly be ineffective. Famine made plans to teleport back out with Death, and they would forcibly remove WAR from the fight to fight another day. It worked, and they reappeared back out into the wilderness outside of the castle. They came up with a general plan of attack, and realized they had been followed by the resurrected princess who was riding her dragon right for them! The new goal was to teleport back into the castle, and kill the res-bot priestess. Right as she got within range, they popped back into the royal chamber.
The priestess was still there, but she was given a guard this time. The guard was quickly taken care of and then the priestess was then killed. No more res-bot WAR was pushed past his breaking point though, and became frenzied destroying anything close to him. Unfortunately, it sounded as if the dragon and the warrior princess were returning to exact revenge. The Riders went downstairs looking for a way out and came to a lightly guarded room housing a portal of some sort. The guard was made quick work of.
In the room with the portal, they figured out how to make it transport them back to their own fortress. During this time, an ice devil appeared and told Death that Orcus had put a price on WAR’s head: absolute immortality. They banished him and opened up a portal to their own castle and stepped in just as the queen burst in and threw her axe at them.
Once in the fortress, the portal opened up and Vargriss the demon merchant appeared and offered his services to the ever-profitable Riders. They exchanged several goods, and then he went on his way.



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