Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

Prison Break and Golems!!! A new Home for the Horsemen...

After fighting and defeating the angels and the demon army, the Horsemen return to the castle acquired from the evil anti-paladin Blackheart. Awaiting them in the throne room is a small jester-like character lounging on the throne. He tells the party he knows where the Fourth Horsemen, Death is. He gives them a small bell that will transport them to his location, and that his master wants them to find him. His master’s identity is not revealed. He rhymes a lot, it is very annoying.
They use the bell and are instantly sucked into a portal into another dimension. Once they recover from the unpleasant experience, they realize it is quite dark, and very windy and cold. After a small amount of searching, they find a large tower not too far away. Once they all got in, they found a room full of stone statues that somehow seemed not as old as the surrounding keep. They heard some noise coming from downstairs, and went to investigate.
Unfortunately, the room below was subject to a massive antimagic field. There the Horsemen found massive Prison Golems who had turned several prisoners into zombies already and they all attacked the Horsemen. With a hard fight not being able to access their magic and abilities, they conquered. Meanwhile, the Fourth managed to use the battle as a chance to escape from his bounds and wriggle out of his cage and go up to the first floor with the other Horsemen, albeit them not knowing.
The 1st floor was now overrun with large stone golems, and that battle began as well. Even though the Horsemen could use their magic again, the golems seemed resistant to it, and it quickly became a physical battle. After a while, the Horsemen proved too much of a match for the lowly golems, so the Horsemen traveled up the tower after finding a staircase behind one of the fallen golems.
The 2nd floor appeared to be a massive library, filled with tomes and ancient texts of knowledge. As the Horsemen were traveling through the ailes between the shelves, a strange figure made of gears and metal parts barred their way up to the next level, and a similar creature barred their exit! These new golems, powered by steam and various engines all over them, attacked the heroes with no mercy and no holding back. Even though they were out-positioned and taking heavy damage, the Horsemen again were victorious but badly wounded. They found some tombs that could be helpful and then traveled up the stairs to the next level.
The 3rd floor was majestic and beautiful, with large stone beds numbering 4. One of the beds was occupied though, but a humanoid figure veiled in fine silks. At first, they thought it a woman by appearance, but its voice betrayed its true identity. Some sort of golem love-slave belonging to the current master of this tower. They put it out of its misery and went about the room. There was a cabinet with delicious food that seemed to revive them substainily. They felt ready for another adventure, so they continued up the staircase.
The 4th floor was found by going up a massive spiraling staircase and entering a vast chamber filled with loud noises massive figures. There seemed to be a small figure garbed in flowing robes working on a massive metal being on the other side of the room. Directly behind him was a huge golem made completely of brass that seemed to be guarding him. Walking aimlessly around the room were two equally massive iron golems, both seemingly patrolling the top floor to protect against invaders. Little did they know that the invader were none other than the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
War charged the wizard working and immediately had his charge stopped by the massive guardian brass golem. They began trading blows that would fell oxen with every swing. Famine and Conquest began casting various spells to see which of the golems they could take down first. They ended up getting a blade barrier up and summoning triceratops to attack the golems. Even though the summoned beast were no real threat to the golems, they provided enough distraction for the Horsemen to maneuver around and ended up blowing the wizard into a portion of the blade barrier before he could finish his work and activate the deadliest golem there: the mithral golem. War and the others made short work of the other golems once the master was defeated, and claimed the tower as their own. A massive circle of stone in the corner of the room vortexed with great energies, and none other than Gragane stepped through the portal.



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