Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

Return to Ice Giant Keep!

After fighting all of the giants and the dragon and other things, they got their loot in the castle and then rested. Death wanted to know more of what they needed, and more importantly a solid way to get back to the Horsemen Castle. Doing some research in the Horsemen library, they found a device that could transport them back no matter where they were, and it was called a Ketone. Ug-Grub had seen this device held by a wizard in the Shadow Plane before he was WAR. Kalen was the wizard, and last he was seen was in the city of Madrid. They decided to head back to the Material Prime Plane and get to him and get the device. But first, there was frost giant princess to kill.
They made their way back, knowing it could for certain be a one-way ticket, and found themselves right outside of the castle in the forest. The massive dragon guardian was either perched on top of the castle itself, or patrolling close by.
While the Riders were planning their next move a close patrol of giants noticed them and came upon them. WAR, always anxious for battle immediately charged them and set to his smashing. Famine saw little point to such a fight, set up his wall of blades and set about summoning some triceratops. Death went all sneaky and started slowly killing some giants that were throwing rocks at Ug-Grub. The battle really didn’t last too long, and the Riders barely used resources. WAR got beat up a good bit, but after the battle he fully recovered on his own within a few minutes.
After this, the Riders decided to teleport into the throne room. The scryed to make sure it was a good spot, and saw the princess. They teleported in and hit a solid magical force that barred their way! An antimagic field was erected up in the throne room, and the jolt knocked Famine unconscious and Death ran along the wall to enter the room outside of the range of the antimagic field. WAR was pelted with rocks throne right before the massive dragon came down on him and bore him down biting him and causing massive damage. Death steahfully went inside and took care of the caster very quickly and then started taking out others while being constantly invisible. Famine just kinda hovered and waited for things to pass over.
WAR however was being owned by the enormous dragon, who was throwing him around and beating the snot out of him. After a few rounds of this, WA had enough, and charged the great beast and landed treacherous blow after treacherous blow, nearing killing it. Famine saw that WAR was in dire straits and cast a spell that ended up killing the dragon, and it plummeted to the earth crashing buildings into dust as it hit.
WAR was still pissed, and decided to go kill the princess bitch. He flew up into the throne room taking some shots as he entered, and immediately lost his wings and landed face first into the throne. He stood up to look into the face of the queen and her honor guard, all of whom began beating him. He blew his frenzy ability and walked out recovering himself. The Horsemen then all went to work on them. Death tried to kill the princess in one hit, but she resisted. They ended up just smashing them to bits.
Once they all were dead, they realized that the other 1000 or so giants were heading up to them, and coming in mass. WAR waited, and the others waited with him. As they filled the chamber though (seeing the piles of dead elites and leaders), they slowed. Finally stopping in front of them, one big one came out and talked some shit. Famine cast a blade barrier right on hi and minc-meat him. They then swore fealty to WAR (who told them to make war everywhere, but not with orcs) and then they used the portal in the castle to return to their sanctuary, preparing for Madrid.



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