Nick's Legacy Weapon

weapon (melee)

A richly decorated black elven thinblade.
+1 elven thinblade (1d8, 18-20 x2)
Omen: the wielder hears whispers when in the dark or shadow

1st Ritual: Enter the Void. The player must travel to the ethereal or shadow plane and survive an encounter with shades.

5th- Morph, +1 flaming elven thinblade
6th- Darkvision (30ft)
7th- Slippery as Shadow
8th- Becomes a Intelligent Item (Int 16, Cha 16, darkvision 120ft, empathy)

Morph- Blink can become a ring on any figure at will and also become a sword again at will. the transformation is a move action (unless the player has Quick Draw).

Flames- the flames emitted from Blink are black fire, and do not emit light, but can ignite flammable objects.

Slippery as Shadow- you add +2 to your dexterity score while in possession of Blink. This bonus increasing at Lvl. 11 and 17 (for a total of +6)



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