Demonic Grippers


These stone and metal gauntlets add +2 STR to whoever is wearing them, and also adds 1d6 piercing damage to unarmed attacks. However, the gauntlets are also cursed. Although not a problem where they orginate, these gauntlets must be bathed in blood at least once a day or the gloves turn on the wearer, dealing 1d4 CON damage each day they arent sated. This can lead to the death of the player.
These gauntlets can be removed with a remove curse spell.

once the wearers of the gaunltlets have killed 100 foes, the gauntlets trust the new weilder to see to their thirst, and the gauntlets will no longer deal constition damage. however, to get them off still requires a remove curse spell.
furthermore, the gauntlets will gain power for a sacrifice. The wearer can either sacrifice a bloody heart, or 20 hit points to increase the STR bonus by 2 for as many minutes as the HD of the owner. this stacks with anything, but only one heart can be sacrificed or hit points, not both.


Destroyed by UG-GRUB by smashng them together until they broke.

Demonic Grippers

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