Phoenix's Reach

Norman's bow

weapon (ranged)

+1 longbow (in the hands of an elf, it acts as a composite bow to whatever strength the elf has)

Omen: Fire burns brighter and hotter near the wielder.

1st Ritual: Through the Flames. you must wade into a fire and receive over half of your HP in fire damage alone.

2nd Ritual: From the Ashes. you must use a feather from a phoenix and make an arrow. that arrow must then kill an enemy.

5th- +1 flaming longbow
6th- True Shoot (1/day)
7th- Destructive Spirit
8th- Spell Focus (fire spells)

Destructive Spirit- you get +2 to your wisdom ability score. occurs again at lvl 10, 15, and 18


Phoenix’s Reach belonged to your family for generations. It was used in small skirmishes and large battles. The bow is certainly of Elven make, and has been passed down form father to son for centuries and fires straight and true every time. Unfortunately, your family lost track of the history of the weapon, and simply know that it is of fine make and serves the purpose well. Your father did realize though, shortly before his death, that the bow held a deeper, and much more powerful purpose. Even though your father wasn’t fully aware of the secret, he knew it lay in fire. (DC 20)

The bow itself is of a strange and mystic material. The only one of its existence, Phoenix’s Reach is made of an actual phoenix’s bone. This in itself is almost an impossible task, because it requires both a phoenix body, and somehow a process to manufacture the bow. Phoenix’s Reach was fashioned from the thigh bone of a phoenix who willingly gave it upon its temporary death. But it isn’t exactly known who the bow was given to, or why.(DC 25)

Phoenix's Reach

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