Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

short monday session

The party woke up and realized they were in a similar area as the town of Graymark, but it was obviously not Graymark. They explored the area, consuming healing potions, and then wandered around a bit, kind of lost in their new enviroment. They heard howling in the distance, and proceeded to investigate the matter. They heard sounds of battle, and a scream of death. Going over a small hill in the forest, they found a body that had obviously been killed recently. Standing over the body was a massive hound. It looked at the party with green emerald eye, and then bounded away. Investigation of the body revealed 2 things: a single ring on his finger, and it was missing the finger of his right index finger on his glove. The party followed the tracks until they ended. Two large creatures ambushed the party and were killed in the attempt. Ug Grub then climbed a tree after camping and observed a small light far off in the distance. They marched off in that direction and encountered the massive dog with green eyes again. It appeared to not like the group, or at least be very cautious. It disappeared again, and an arrow was shot in the ground between UgGrub’s feet.
They were captured and put in a forced march to a massive city surrounded by a high wall. The inside was full of undead, and odd looking pale elves. They were taken to a strange jail, and looked inside. Attempted communication with fellow inmates, and a strange and obviously crazy wizard (bald and covered in tattoos) began to talk to them. He told them they were on the Shadow Plane, or Shadowfell as the natives call it, and they were in the City of Undeath, Menzo. After a short while of this, some guards came to escort them away. UGGRUB smashed their heads together and grabbed a small device off the belt. The wizard told him to give him the “tuning fork” and used it to escape, teleporting the party outside of the city gates, telling them “If you ever return home, go to Madriff and ask for Kalen” and disappeared in a small puff of smoke. A small slaver party came upon them and tried to capture them. Adranus turned into a bear and they attacked them. During the fight, Nick’s ring became a long thin rapier of remarkable quality. They finished the battle and took the loot and prepared to enter the city again to retrieve their stolen property. The large dog, tired and in odd pain, laid down to rest, and disintegrated revealing a small black statue of dog with green eyes.

2nd session


went to the unicorn’s open legs for information on red duke. At the tavern, they found a large half-giant and mercs that were talking about something to do with “red”. They approached them and asked about the information. A fist fight ensued and ubgrub broke the big guys jaw and found 200gp on him and a scroll box. The scroll box was simply trapped, and contained a map to some tomb, dwarven writing was all over the map. On the back, “20 cliks north” was written. The next morning, they went back to the gnome alchemist and found out that the potion was for opening doors. They bought healing potions, and forged ahead.
The party traveled about 20 miles north of Turek and found a wall of pillars and made camp.

They found the entrance to the tomb with defaced statues leading in. they went in and went into a chamber, and fought 2 manticores. They won, and continued on to fight 2 minotaurs guarding a large door. The door was large, stone, and depicted two dwarves, facing each other clasping wrists. It spoke to them in dwarven, and they used the potion of open doors to open the last chamber. The chamber contained pure darkness, masking sight completely and sound to an extent. As they entered, only Swordhand could hear some whispers. He opened a sarcophagus and grabbed Exordius, and the darkness dissipated and exposed a dark naga. They won a hard fight, and cleared the tomb.

Upon exiting the tomb, they ran into a stout, large dwarf. They were chained and taken to a secret dwarf fort underground in a mountain. They told their entire story to the head dwarf, and were found to be telling the truth. The dwarf then told them of the conflict of the Bloodhawks. Years ago, the merc group and the dwarves fought together. Gurni found out that the sons, Varek and Borek were in league with The Red Duke. When confronted, their father refused to accept the facts, and banned all dwarves from ever working with the Bloodhawks. The dwarves are also not allowed in Turek. Gurni asked the party to essentially be a double agent for the dwarves within the Bloodhawks. The party agreed, and went back to Turek and sold the suit of armor to the blacksmith for 10,000gp.

first adventure
getting started

The party meet in small town east of Turek (mercenary town run by Bloodhawks). They traveled for 2 days, and fought a small group of skaven. They got to Turek and meet Varek’s brother at the gate (Borek). They went into Varek’s longhouse and meet him and accepted his proposition for 1000gp to destroy the skaven hive. They meet Norman’s char and he caught them up on the skaven issue. They also would go north and look for the rare flower to make healing potions, and look for scrap metal for the main blacksmith in Turek.
They traveled north in search of the flowers and also to look for metal. They were warned about running into Stinkfoot’s territory. As they traveled they found two dwarves defending themselves against a small party of orcs (20). The fought the orcs and won the fight and killed a larger orc with a masterwork keen greataxe. They also leveled up.
When they approached the dwarf that was left alive, he told them “don’t let the red one get away”. The got the loot and went back to Turek and traded in the loot and the potions and the mystery potion. They returned to Varek and told him about the dwarves, he mentioned the Red Duke and told them to leave.


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