Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

Return to Ice Giant Keep!

After fighting all of the giants and the dragon and other things, they got their loot in the castle and then rested. Death wanted to know more of what they needed, and more importantly a solid way to get back to the Horsemen Castle. Doing some research in the Horsemen library, they found a device that could transport them back no matter where they were, and it was called a Ketone. Ug-Grub had seen this device held by a wizard in the Shadow Plane before he was WAR. Kalen was the wizard, and last he was seen was in the city of Madrid. They decided to head back to the Material Prime Plane and get to him and get the device. But first, there was frost giant princess to kill.
They made their way back, knowing it could for certain be a one-way ticket, and found themselves right outside of the castle in the forest. The massive dragon guardian was either perched on top of the castle itself, or patrolling close by.
While the Riders were planning their next move a close patrol of giants noticed them and came upon them. WAR, always anxious for battle immediately charged them and set to his smashing. Famine saw little point to such a fight, set up his wall of blades and set about summoning some triceratops. Death went all sneaky and started slowly killing some giants that were throwing rocks at Ug-Grub. The battle really didn’t last too long, and the Riders barely used resources. WAR got beat up a good bit, but after the battle he fully recovered on his own within a few minutes.
After this, the Riders decided to teleport into the throne room. The scryed to make sure it was a good spot, and saw the princess. They teleported in and hit a solid magical force that barred their way! An antimagic field was erected up in the throne room, and the jolt knocked Famine unconscious and Death ran along the wall to enter the room outside of the range of the antimagic field. WAR was pelted with rocks throne right before the massive dragon came down on him and bore him down biting him and causing massive damage. Death steahfully went inside and took care of the caster very quickly and then started taking out others while being constantly invisible. Famine just kinda hovered and waited for things to pass over.
WAR however was being owned by the enormous dragon, who was throwing him around and beating the snot out of him. After a few rounds of this, WA had enough, and charged the great beast and landed treacherous blow after treacherous blow, nearing killing it. Famine saw that WAR was in dire straits and cast a spell that ended up killing the dragon, and it plummeted to the earth crashing buildings into dust as it hit.
WAR was still pissed, and decided to go kill the princess bitch. He flew up into the throne room taking some shots as he entered, and immediately lost his wings and landed face first into the throne. He stood up to look into the face of the queen and her honor guard, all of whom began beating him. He blew his frenzy ability and walked out recovering himself. The Horsemen then all went to work on them. Death tried to kill the princess in one hit, but she resisted. They ended up just smashing them to bits.
Once they all were dead, they realized that the other 1000 or so giants were heading up to them, and coming in mass. WAR waited, and the others waited with him. As they filled the chamber though (seeing the piles of dead elites and leaders), they slowed. Finally stopping in front of them, one big one came out and talked some shit. Famine cast a blade barrier right on hi and minc-meat him. They then swore fealty to WAR (who told them to make war everywhere, but not with orcs) and then they used the portal in the castle to return to their sanctuary, preparing for Madrid.

Ice Giant's Keep!

Being shot out the explosive realm of the Path of the Old Ones, the Riders plummet downward through freezing wind. A blizzard of thick cold snow blocks most of their vision. The landed on the steep slope on the side of a mountain in waist thick snow and we instantly inflicted with freezing conditions, but were mostly able to shrug off the effects. They did notice shortly after landing though that distinct trails in the snow were leading to them and quite quickly. Ice drakes popped up from the snow and began a fierce battle against them. The Riders fought back just as savagely and ended up defeating them just in time for more to add to the ambush. War was getting the brunt of the attack, so he slammed his massive war-hammer into the ground knocking them all over and then dispatched them easily enough, but he also managed to stir the ground beneath him, and also start an avalanche.
This brought them all the bottom of the mountain in a not so friendly and easy way. They dug themselves out and to be met by a dark figure. This figure is known to Death, for he is one of the only surviving members of his guild. His name is Tyronius and he is in the area on a mission: to find their master and leader. They went to his shelter and rested up, and then headed out toward the area Tyronius thought his master would be in.
The next morning, the came upon a strange sight. Several dozen orcs looked to be enslaved by several ice giants and remorhazes patrolled as well. Ug-Grub saw this (and having already an intense hatred of giants) charges straight into battle and instantly killed one of the giants. A massive brawl broke out between the Riders and these giants. The Riders went straight into the mist of battle and began to do their bloody work. One giant saw them coming, and immediately sprinted in the other way, but enough of them were still there that he was generally ignored. The orc slaves ran away as much as they could (they were all chained together). Dorian saw the need for some crowd control and then cast a large wall of blades to limit the amount of giants and giant insectoids that were closing in on them. Death also damaged his only weapon, Fiendstorm, during the fight and couldn’t really help out much(his gear was crap).The battle lasted only about a minute or two, such was its ferocity.
Afterwards, the Horsemen approached the orc slaves, and found out they were actually the remaining members of Ug-Grub’s tribe! He freed them, and told them to go and fight. Then a loud noise came from behind them, and they saw and felt the ground move. From the distance they could see the nearby trees parting and falling over as something enormous came toward them on the ground. A massive frost worm, riden by the giant that initially ran away, emerged from the tree line and immediately blasted the Riders and the surrounding orcs with a massive breathe weapon instantly freezing and killing all of the orcs and heavily damaging the already battle-worn party. Ug-Grub, seeing most of his tribe die right before his eyes, flew into a rage and hurled himself through the air at the great beast. With an enormous blow he felled the beast and then they killed the giant that was riding it, much to his surprise.
They investigated the rest of the mines and discovered more orcs, and the rest of Ug-Grub’s tribe. He talked with them, but they were afraid at first. He made them pull together, form a tribe and make war on the giants. Then the party moved forward to the ice giant princess keep.
The party needed to rest before the attack on the ice giant fortress, so they made a defensible camp and healed up. But during the late evening, Tyronius teleported away with Death to a faraway location. He explained to Death that he wanted to now rule the assassin/ninja guild himself, and to do that he needed to start over with a new batch of members with none of the old ones. He challenged Death to a duel (no invisibility was allowed, cause that was lame). Initiate fucking ninja match! Although Tyronius was much better equipped, Death had Mystic powers to help him, and ended up barely winning the match, but got some great loot from the dead ninja. He found the other Horsemen again, and they prepared for a battle.
They found the fortress the next day and the enormity of it was baffling. It could have easily housed 5000 giants, and was the size of a mountain. It was made of a mixture of boulders, blue ice, and chunks of metal throughout the structure. A central black and blue ice tower took up the center of the keep, and it peaked around 600ft tall. The Riders came to the conclusion to the leaders would be at the top of the tower, and that that was where they would hit them. Confident in their abilities, they teleported directly into the top of the tower after scrying the inside of it while looking for Death’s guild master. They were not prepared.
A small force of strong ice giants, the princess’s head cleric, the princess herself, and her extremely large dragon bodyguard were in the room. The party immediately went into action. Famine had wall of blades up and controlled some of them. WAR went for the princess and the dragon, but was kinda over matched quickly. Death decided to look into the metal cage suspended in the air next to the throne in the room and see to his master. His master was dead, so he looted his corpse of the ninja guild headband and his katana.
The ice giants didn’t prove too much of an issue, but the dragon, clerc and princess were proving quite a hassle. Ug-Grub refused to leave the fight, and plan to fight until either his opponents were dead, or he was. He challenged the ice giants princess and even with the dragon trying to kill him, he managed to slay the princess (much to his regret for he found he most beautiful and fierce).He fought on while the other Riders realized they may have bitten off more than they could chew. Famine tried to work on the dragon with his spells, but the dragon shrugged them off without much effort, and Famine knew his spells would mostly be ineffective. Famine made plans to teleport back out with Death, and they would forcibly remove WAR from the fight to fight another day. It worked, and they reappeared back out into the wilderness outside of the castle. They came up with a general plan of attack, and realized they had been followed by the resurrected princess who was riding her dragon right for them! The new goal was to teleport back into the castle, and kill the res-bot priestess. Right as she got within range, they popped back into the royal chamber.
The priestess was still there, but she was given a guard this time. The guard was quickly taken care of and then the priestess was then killed. No more res-bot WAR was pushed past his breaking point though, and became frenzied destroying anything close to him. Unfortunately, it sounded as if the dragon and the warrior princess were returning to exact revenge. The Riders went downstairs looking for a way out and came to a lightly guarded room housing a portal of some sort. The guard was made quick work of.
In the room with the portal, they figured out how to make it transport them back to their own fortress. During this time, an ice devil appeared and told Death that Orcus had put a price on WAR’s head: absolute immortality. They banished him and opened up a portal to their own castle and stepped in just as the queen burst in and threw her axe at them.
Once in the fortress, the portal opened up and Vargriss the demon merchant appeared and offered his services to the ever-profitable Riders. They exchanged several goods, and then he went on his way.

And One Shall Fall...

Gragane saw them in their battered state and then spoke, “So you have found your predecessors home and castle, well done. Ah! You have also found the last remaining Horseman! Your presence is welcome Death (with that he gives Death his Horsemen abilities and powers). Your next task is of vital importance and one you must complete immediately. Behind me is the Path of the Old Ones, it is ancient and full of peril, but im sure you can manage. Through this path you will reach your fabled weapons. A Horseman needs two things to be complete: his mount, and his weapon. Go through here now, and find your weapon to aid you in your quest to reforge the Divinity Diamond.” And with that, Gragane left.
The Horsemen were badly beat up though, and in need of rest and recovery. They rested a night, and then used a bit of their Mythic Power each (12 total) and opened the portal. It kinda looked like the portal opening from Stargate. They went into the portal and were immediately shot through space and time into the Path of the Old Ones.
Once there, they all sensed something was wrong. The very air was hot, and tensed with evil. A long corridor stretched before them of ancient and weathered stone. Holes opened up into the area outside into a vast and unending void. While looking out, they saw several things. The bottom of the everlasting void was wreathed in fire and it was slowly moving up. They also saw horned and armed red demons flying around and eating what appeared to be souls. And far in the distance, but unsure of the exact distance (such was the infinite space of this interdimensional pocket), they saw a flying worm, massive and armored. Branching off from the main corridor were several other smaller corridors ending in portals and doors with ancient symbols above them. After some deduction, the Horsemen discovered that each of the doors were in fact doorways to other planes (Fire, Earth, Elysium, Abyss, etc). They had access to all of them. But the energy from each portal was being sucked away and redirected rendering them all useless. They continued following the main corridor toward where the energy was being redirected and encountered some large fierce demons lacking skin and covered in horns. It was a fierce and bloody fight following that ended quickly.
When reaching the end of the corridor, it opened into a large stone room. But as soon as they stepped inside, that realized that gravity was nonexistent here and they floated around with little control. That is when they heard the noise, quiet and rumbling at first, but then louder and getting so powerful the entire room shook. They noticed the origin of the noise was in fact the massive worm heading straight for the room they were in, mouth agape and filled with teeth the size of buildings. It could easier eat the entire room they were in, and looked as if it intended to. They struggled to retreat back out of the room and managed to just in a nick of time before the worm completely devastated the stone room they were in.
As the worm passed, a grisly and terrible sight greeted them. the broken rubble from the large chamber was scattered everywhere. Pas the rubble, several daemons and devils had imprisoned many dragons that were tied up with magical chains and suspended upside down, each drenched in blood. The blood from each dragon was being drawn slowly away from them to the center of the collection of dragons and demons. The tendrils of arcane power leaking from the planar portals all collided in front of them, opening another massive portal from which a terrible and gigantic monster was being pulled forth. The Horsemen’s older memories resurfaced and they all immediately knew it as the Tarrasque, The World Breaker.
They immediately sprung into action. War charged ahead and started battling demons while Famine and Death tried to free what looked like a still conscious and alive dragon. War killed a demon or 2 and then went up and helped free the other dragon. But all the while the portal was growing stronger the Tarrasque was now pulling through, its arms and head completely out. The Horsemen now also noted that the giant worm had turned around, and was heading back toward the battle! They had to act quickly. There was some sort of daemon sorcerer that was bringing all of the arcane and mystical energies into the portal to strengthen it, so that was the new target. War approached him for battle and fought his guard while Conquest worked against the portal strengthening. War killed the guard (and took his massive sword, FUCKSAW) and went to work on the sorcerer. Famine and Death decided now would be a good time to leave, and started going away because the portal was becoming less stable and the giant worm was coming back for round 2. War almost killed the sorcerer but the Tarrasque finished him off with a swipe of his massive clawed hand instead, so War flew up and away from the portal barely escaping the massive claws as well. Conquest determined that since the portal was mostly held together by the power of dragon blood, it could also be unmade with dragon blood (Conquest was a dragon-line sorcerer). He entered the portal himself to sacrifice himself and collapse the portal right as the massive worm closed in on the Tarrasque. A badass explosion happened, followed by a shockwave that tore through the area and hit all of the Horsemen left blowing them into another dimension!
The next thing they knew, it was freezing cold, all they could see was white, and they were all falling. War also realized that as the giant worm died, he somehow managed to get one of the pieces of the Divinity Diamond, Makra’s Third Eye.

Prison Break and Golems!!! A new Home for the Horsemen...

After fighting and defeating the angels and the demon army, the Horsemen return to the castle acquired from the evil anti-paladin Blackheart. Awaiting them in the throne room is a small jester-like character lounging on the throne. He tells the party he knows where the Fourth Horsemen, Death is. He gives them a small bell that will transport them to his location, and that his master wants them to find him. His master’s identity is not revealed. He rhymes a lot, it is very annoying.
They use the bell and are instantly sucked into a portal into another dimension. Once they recover from the unpleasant experience, they realize it is quite dark, and very windy and cold. After a small amount of searching, they find a large tower not too far away. Once they all got in, they found a room full of stone statues that somehow seemed not as old as the surrounding keep. They heard some noise coming from downstairs, and went to investigate.
Unfortunately, the room below was subject to a massive antimagic field. There the Horsemen found massive Prison Golems who had turned several prisoners into zombies already and they all attacked the Horsemen. With a hard fight not being able to access their magic and abilities, they conquered. Meanwhile, the Fourth managed to use the battle as a chance to escape from his bounds and wriggle out of his cage and go up to the first floor with the other Horsemen, albeit them not knowing.
The 1st floor was now overrun with large stone golems, and that battle began as well. Even though the Horsemen could use their magic again, the golems seemed resistant to it, and it quickly became a physical battle. After a while, the Horsemen proved too much of a match for the lowly golems, so the Horsemen traveled up the tower after finding a staircase behind one of the fallen golems.
The 2nd floor appeared to be a massive library, filled with tomes and ancient texts of knowledge. As the Horsemen were traveling through the ailes between the shelves, a strange figure made of gears and metal parts barred their way up to the next level, and a similar creature barred their exit! These new golems, powered by steam and various engines all over them, attacked the heroes with no mercy and no holding back. Even though they were out-positioned and taking heavy damage, the Horsemen again were victorious but badly wounded. They found some tombs that could be helpful and then traveled up the stairs to the next level.
The 3rd floor was majestic and beautiful, with large stone beds numbering 4. One of the beds was occupied though, but a humanoid figure veiled in fine silks. At first, they thought it a woman by appearance, but its voice betrayed its true identity. Some sort of golem love-slave belonging to the current master of this tower. They put it out of its misery and went about the room. There was a cabinet with delicious food that seemed to revive them substainily. They felt ready for another adventure, so they continued up the staircase.
The 4th floor was found by going up a massive spiraling staircase and entering a vast chamber filled with loud noises massive figures. There seemed to be a small figure garbed in flowing robes working on a massive metal being on the other side of the room. Directly behind him was a huge golem made completely of brass that seemed to be guarding him. Walking aimlessly around the room were two equally massive iron golems, both seemingly patrolling the top floor to protect against invaders. Little did they know that the invader were none other than the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
War charged the wizard working and immediately had his charge stopped by the massive guardian brass golem. They began trading blows that would fell oxen with every swing. Famine and Conquest began casting various spells to see which of the golems they could take down first. They ended up getting a blade barrier up and summoning triceratops to attack the golems. Even though the summoned beast were no real threat to the golems, they provided enough distraction for the Horsemen to maneuver around and ended up blowing the wizard into a portion of the blade barrier before he could finish his work and activate the deadliest golem there: the mithral golem. War and the others made short work of the other golems once the master was defeated, and claimed the tower as their own. A massive circle of stone in the corner of the room vortexed with great energies, and none other than Gragane stepped through the portal.

A Battle of Heaven and Hell...

-picking up when we left off
-the dragon’s hoard: His horde consists of: 10,000 and 250 pp.

Mixed in with the coins are tapestries, small items of furniture made of precious woods, candelabra, six everburning torches, and several decorative boxes spilling pieces of jewelry worth an additional 16,000 gp in all. Buried in the coins is a quiver of 14 masterwork arrows and two greater dragon slaying arrows, a belt of giant strength +4, a teak box holding a felt cushion with six round depressions, each containing a thunderstone, an ivory set of lesser bracers of archery, a darkwood buckler, a chime of opening (5 charges), a cloak of resistance +3, a flame tongue, a masterwork suit of full plate decorated with onyx ravens perchered on the shoulders (each worth 200 gp), a suit of +3 half-plate with a wolf motif, 6 vials of frozen holy water, a pearl of power (1st level spells), 17 potions of cure light wounds, 6 potions of cure moderate wounds, 3 potions of cure serious wounds, 2 potions of resist energy (cold), 2 small +1 mithril shirts, a scroll of globe of invulnerability, a scroll of heal, a scroll of remove blindness/deafness, a wand of bear’s endurance (38 charges), a wand of cure light wounds (46 charges), and a +1 adamantine warhammer.

the Horesemen then went back to their new castle and rested while the villagers came to them frightened and pleaded to go into the safety of the interior of the castle. the horsemen, uncaring, allowed teh villagers inside and divined where teh army was, about a day to the west of the castle. they traveled there and found teh army immobile and sitting there. UgGrub went to investigate, and that triggered the trap! the ground split open and fire erupted, as well as small demons, which possessed the immobile soldiers. six winged demons and a giant glaberu also followed, and challenged the horseman. the fight was tough, and teh glaberuza did much damage to War, and Famine was almost killed by fighting the demons almost alone, but they used sound tactic and massive amount of luck ended in victory against the demons. UgGrub ended up hitting the glaberuza so hard that its horned head was pushed through its body and out its ass!
the horsemen then went into clean up mode, killing the rest of the army with a bloody determination. as this was happening, the Horsemen noticed that the sky was turning the blackest of nights, overshadowing them and their bloody work. then, from teh dark clouds, piercing light erupted from teh clouds striking the ground and burning teh demon-possessed where they stood. figures clad in heavy plate armor and bearing massive feathery wings glided smoothly down to the earth, and joined int eh slaughter of the army.
once the slaughter was done, the angels came toward the party, and pulled forth a scroll. the scroll read as follows:

I, Xavier of the Guided Light and servant of The Just Sword, do declare that all of the Horsemen (Death, War Famine, and Conquest) must and willed be killed for the wrongful murder of our Captain and leader, Acarus First to Heironious. This sentence is to be carried out immediately and with no mercy and with great justice. May The Light forgive them ,and The Sword strike them down.

the battle began. at first, the party was not doing so great, and getting a little overwhelmed. Famine pulled through though, killing one of the Devas and then calming the other one to defend and heal him. during this time, Famine spoke calmly to the deva, and discovered that crime they were being accused of happened almost a month ago. this was quite impossible, because they were only made horsemen a few days before. but the devas would hear nothing of it, and also calmly told him he would die by her hand. once that enchantment weared off though, she swore vengeance and retribution and disappeared.
the horsemen, weary and battle worn, were confused that they were blamed for a murder they did not commit. what plot was this? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DAWN OF THE THIRSTER!!!

The Horsemen Cometh...

-Basking in their victory over Blackheart, the heroes relax a bit in their new castle each brought her under unique and strange circumstances. as they slept, they all dreamed of untold destruction and chaos taking the entire world. Awakening in the middle of the night, they all felt the need to go outside and get to the highest vantage point possible.
-Once they were all at the top of the tower, a massive gale disturbed the air and enviroment around them, and a brilliant white comet came screaming toward them from the far off distance. With a great crash in the middle of them, a massive figure landed and stood.
-He immediately asked, “Why have you not answered my summons?” and “There are only 3 of you, where is the forth?” He then went on, “I am Gragane,” he said, “Guardian of the wayward and Watcher of Fates. You have been taske with discovering the fate of Heironious and restoring the balance. Prepare yourselves mortals, for this is no simple trial. Fate has cursed you and charged me with assisting you. Beware though, for The Heavens and Hells will hunt and chase you. But do not worry too much, you have allies yet, and companions that your very souls will recognize.”
“What good is a Horseman, without their mighty steeds?”
-Gragane then lifted his hands to the sky, and summoned forth 3 bright comets hurtling toward each of the heroes. They hit each of them with the force of a thousand blows, but caused no damage to them. Runic symbols appeared all over each of them, glowing in power and specific colors, and thus they were named:
-Ug-Grub was proclaimed WAR, and glowed with a red light, and his mount was a raging bull
-Mezerith was proclaimed CONQUEST, and glowed with a blue light, and his mount was a dragonhorse
-Dorian was proclaimed FAMINE, and glowed with a green light, and his mount was a black unicorn with sunken eyes and a broken horn
-Gragane proclaimed them all Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and charged them with reforging the Divinity Diamond, a divine artifact of incalculable power. to do so, they would need four powerful artifacts: The heart of Katar, the Third Eye of Makra, The Hand of Yzesor, and the Kraken’s Soul
-as the Horsemen began to fly off into the night on their new mounts a massive white dracolich came to attack them , branishing a challenge to the Horsemen. the battle did not favor the dragon though, and it feel.
-Tracking the dragon’s lair, they found a small host of undead guarding the treasure, and defeating them after a tough fight.
-And thus the Horsemen were brought into the world again, how will they change the world?

some things happened...

-went around in Madrid, found a sorceror contact that would bring them north
-got in a fight with teh young duke, and a giant construct made of dead bodies
-left madrid after it was basically destroyed
-as they were traveling north, ran into a depressed cleric (Chad)
-headed north into the Sands of Katar, saw the massive Worm
-went to a small town, took refuge with a priest (who was also a powerful werewolf), he said he had no more divine power (heronious is fucked) and that he needed their help to defeat the eveil in Castle Black (that would be Grievous Blackheart)
-they stormed his castle, and fought killing him and all his lieutenants
-the priest died in teh attack
-they now have the castle for themselves

Trouble brewing in Madrid....

-go to the unicorn’s open legs
-notice identical thugs, upon examination, Anya found something oddly magical about them. They cared little for the party
-the owner of the establishment is a charmy little gnome by the name of Fedurduckle Bandersnatch, Fedur for short
-they asked him about the location of some clerics and paladins, and he said that he had no idea what they were talking about, but Shithead knew better and say through the rouse
-Ug-grub saw fit to push buttons in the inn too far, and was thrown out with a combination of identical thugs and a hold person spell. Afterwards he wandered around outside in a huff
-Adranus tried to question Fedurduckle but could get nothing out of him at the moment, and arranged a meeting with him later that night
-the party went shopping and got some items
-they arrived at the designated location, and were ambushed by Fedurduckle and his gang of thugs. The party made short work of them and found a note on his body telling of a “hideout”, and tracked him back from where he came from in the sewers.
-they encountered some zombies, but easily dispatched them
-coming upon a part of the sewers that was less foul, they watched a horrible scene of a young beautiful blonde man with blonde hair plunge a dagger into corpses, raising them from the dead in the process. The undead had red eyes, which matched a glowing on the young man’s chest as he chanted before stabbing the dead.
-they went back to the Church of Light to find the High Cleric gone on a political trip. They were asked many questions, but only knew some of the answers. They were told the names of the twin thugs, Dee and Dum
-they went back to the Unicorn’s Open Legs, and asked around about the bald twin thugs, hoping to learn their whereabouts.
-Adranus thought he saw one, and went outside. There was nothing to be seen, and the party began to wonder if they had some sort of magical hiding ability.
-they ended up going back to the antechamber in the sewers, and there were no longer a mound of dead bodies there. Ug-grub tried to destroy the altar, which was wholly evil and necromantic, and he couldn’t (Orcus stopped him). The party then went in the adjoining room, and found another, smaller altar with a round void in the table, obviously something was missing (like a bowl or something)
-fought a creepy powerful undead
-went up past the door and found the rich boy, he told them he arrogantly already succeeded, and that they were going to die
-he left, and they followed, and encountered him again outside, and 4 vampires.
-it was a tough fight, but they managed to win, but the rich kid got away
-they went back into town, and a group of guards tried to arrest them
-running away and hiding at a local inn, the found a wanted poster for themselves, saying they attempted to murder/assassinate Lord Darian Ellamin III.


With the death of the half-dragon, the party quickly took a moment to recover, and heal up a little bit. After awhile, they started poking around the temple treasure room to look at all the loot they could recover. They found a portable hole, x2 scrolls of Haste, x2 scroll of protection from evil, scroll of sanctuary, Masterwork Spiked Chainmail, dwarven repeating crossbow, masterwork longsword, Efficient Quiver and 52,000 gp. They stuffed all of the items in the portable hole, and started to make camp inside the temple to recover lost spells and generally get rest. Almost as soon as they decided though, the entire temple began to shake and quiver. The party quickly gathered up their belongings, and jetted out the back of the temple. Upon exiting, they all felt a presence from the temple, and bursting forth from the top of the temple was a massive green dragon. The dragon wailed about losing its “children” and proceeded to try to kill them, the murderers of her children.

During this time, Eldarion awoke to the sounds of battle, and started to move toward the tample top. After he overcame his intense fear of actually facing a dragon (he shit his pants), he charged forth, determined to make a difference.
The dragon made some fly-bys, and blew acid from its mouth on the crew. This caused an enormous amount of damage and made the party cautious. But as usual, UG-GRUB had to smash something. He flew up, and struck the giant beast, barely marking its hard scales, but getting the beast’s attention. With one of its acid breaths, the brave caster Anya was nearly killed and was out of the fight. Eladrion crested the top of the temple though, and saw to her medical attention with a quick healing potion stabilizing her but not getting her back in the fight just yet.
The battle raged on, with more acid breath and giant claws and flying. It was fucking epic.
The dragon had pieced together that UG-GRUB had killed both of her sons (smelled their blood on his hammer, still fresh), and flew up into the air to charge down on the interloper. She flew straight at him, and hit him with every pound in her body, bearing him into the remains of the temple and almost crushing him to death. Not to be dismayed though, UG-GRUB smashed with his hammer at the belly of the beast, but the beast refused to go down.
Eladrion saw an opening, and opportunity. Risking his life, he jumped down into the remains and rubble of the temple atop the dragon, landing right behind the base of its skull. With all of the strength he could muster, he plunged his sword deep in the back of the neck of the dragon, killing it instantly.
They made camp at the bottom of the ruin, next to the massive dead dragon. They carved teeth, claw and skin from it for later use, and put it in the portable hole. They also noticed a small path at the bottom, and went to investigate.
At the end of the tunnel, each party member received an odd item, that seemed to resonant with each of them personally. There didn’t seem to be much explanation for it, and the party went about their way back to Madrid.
In Madrid, they went to the market for various things, potions and the like. UG-GRUB saw fit to be carried around the city in a litter (a carried chair). They were approached by bald mags, and “asked” to return to the college. The party got the idea this was more of a threat then a request, and followed them.
In rout, a small frail monk approached UG-GRUB begged him to return not with the mages, but with him. This seemed like a better idea, and they followed the monks (who appeared to be frail, hungry, and in bad condition). They were taken to a massive Chruch of Heironious, and lead into the chambers of the High Cleric himself, Lord Horkul Hawklight the Never-Failing. He told UG-GRUB the mantle her wore was actually Heironious’ own armor when he was a mortal, and that he needed their help. Some of his clerics and one of his paladins had gone missing, and he needed them found. He felt as if the mages were conspiring against him, and needed a third party to investigate the disappearances. He offered no reward but his gratitude. They accepted, and went to the first place there were clues, The Unicorn’s Open Legs.

A new world?

Once ambushed, the adventurers retaliated and tore into the small group of dark dwarves. The battle was over and done with almost as soon as it began, with only a lone survivor. He begged for his life, telling the party he would exchange all his wealth for his life (he and his friends were starving, weak tomb raiders), and show them the way out of the cave to the (roughly translated) “soaked forest”. He gave Anya a rod of hook horror control, and some small jewels, and began limping toward the exit. Some webbing was found among the ceiling of the cave. The party started to notice the air was changing around them, getting damp and sticky. The small duergar approached an intersection in the cave, and pointed exclaiming “That’s the way out!” and as he said the words, a globe of utter darkness enveloped him and he screamed in terror, and then in pain. The party readied their weapons and waited for anything. From the darkness, an arc of lightning came forth and ravaged the party. Emerging from the globe of darkness came a massive female drider, with her male counterpart ambushing from the rear with a massive bow. The party struggled for just a moment, and when wits were collected, came back onto their opponents with a furious vengeance, making very short work of the would-be thieving driders. Close to the ambush there was a small amount of treasure and some bodies wrapped up in silk. The bodies appeared to be large lizardmen…
Continuing forth after the encounter, the party noticed the walls had changed from natural rock formations to roughly carved with crude images and some foreign language. The depictions showed figures worshipping a large temple, and a strange figure. Moving forward, they came upon the entrance, to a very strange site. A rain forest. This massive mountain range actually housed inside them massive caves part of the Underdark. Over time, the roofs of the caves feel, revealing a lush underground ecosystem waiting to prosper. So in essence, the party had found another world not discovered yet, kept hidden and isolated for an enormous amount time. They rested at the mouth of the entrance, keen to recuperate their strength and enter this “new world.”
Wandering through the jungle was slow, and noisy. After some time, they came upon a large beast that UG-GRUB knew immediately as a troll, and it was feasting on some corpses. The ensueing battle was akin to a lynching, the gang grouping around the prone, regenerating body of the troll and burning it to death. This went on until the thing had died, but not without gaining the interest of a small group of lizardmen. A small amount of conversation happened to hopefully not escalate into combat, but the simple tribesmen felt threatened and attacked. Anya killed almost all of them instantly with a well-placed fireball. The survivors flew into the woods terrified. Following them for a short period, they came upon a small fortification of the lizardfolk, in which they were mounting a defense against the party. All of this commotion though gained the attention of something even bigger, as a massive tyrannosaurus rex came forth from the jungle, tearing into the lizard fort and eventually turning its attention to the party.
UG-GRUB took to the air, while the rest of the party dispersed to not become such a small target. The massive beast managed to bite, and swallow UG-GRUB while the rest of the party attempted to cause as much damage to the thing as possible. While the T-Rex set his sites on Adranus, UG-GRUB managed to [perfectly maneuver his massive hammer inside the t-rex and burst it from his chest, herat impaled on the spike of his warhammer.
They traveled north after more rest, and came upon a massive temple surrounded by lizardfolk. There appeared to be some sacrifices being made by two larger lizardfolk at the top of the temple. Some scouting was done by Eldarion. He determined the back of the temple was less occupied, and less guarded. UG-Grub did not see the sense in this and proceeded to charge the 500 or so at the foot of the temple. Two figures then stopped the horde of lizardfolk, and flew out to meet the party. Perfectly identical half-dragons stopped infront of them, exchanged a few words of mockery, and then the fight ensued. UG-GRUB took the brute of the damage from the two, but managed to kill one of them (he wore a very ancient peice of armor, a mantle of courage{looks like very old, ancient armor}). When the other was wounded enough, he flew away back to the temple heights, disappearing into its depths. The small army rushed forward to meet them. During the fight with the two half-dragons though, UG-grub was pushed almost to death, and his demonic presence came out, driving him into a frenzy, nearly killing Eldarion and barely missing Anya before he charged the lizardfolk. He tore into them like an angry god, tearing them limb from limb until they were routed, fleeing for their lives. Ug-grub collapsed from exhaustion, but managed to go forth with the party to investigate the inside of the temple.
Inside the temple, the half-dragon was waiting for them wearing new armor, and carrying a massive shield and sword. He then narrowly killed Ug-grub and Anya, but the party managed to slay him. The room was covered in gold and jewels and riches aplenty.


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