Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

A Battle of Heaven and Hell...

-picking up when we left off
-the dragon’s hoard: His horde consists of: 10,000 and 250 pp.

Mixed in with the coins are tapestries, small items of furniture made of precious woods, candelabra, six everburning torches, and several decorative boxes spilling pieces of jewelry worth an additional 16,000 gp in all. Buried in the coins is a quiver of 14 masterwork arrows and two greater dragon slaying arrows, a belt of giant strength +4, a teak box holding a felt cushion with six round depressions, each containing a thunderstone, an ivory set of lesser bracers of archery, a darkwood buckler, a chime of opening (5 charges), a cloak of resistance +3, a flame tongue, a masterwork suit of full plate decorated with onyx ravens perchered on the shoulders (each worth 200 gp), a suit of +3 half-plate with a wolf motif, 6 vials of frozen holy water, a pearl of power (1st level spells), 17 potions of cure light wounds, 6 potions of cure moderate wounds, 3 potions of cure serious wounds, 2 potions of resist energy (cold), 2 small +1 mithril shirts, a scroll of globe of invulnerability, a scroll of heal, a scroll of remove blindness/deafness, a wand of bear’s endurance (38 charges), a wand of cure light wounds (46 charges), and a +1 adamantine warhammer.

the Horesemen then went back to their new castle and rested while the villagers came to them frightened and pleaded to go into the safety of the interior of the castle. the horsemen, uncaring, allowed teh villagers inside and divined where teh army was, about a day to the west of the castle. they traveled there and found teh army immobile and sitting there. UgGrub went to investigate, and that triggered the trap! the ground split open and fire erupted, as well as small demons, which possessed the immobile soldiers. six winged demons and a giant glaberu also followed, and challenged the horseman. the fight was tough, and teh glaberuza did much damage to War, and Famine was almost killed by fighting the demons almost alone, but they used sound tactic and massive amount of luck ended in victory against the demons. UgGrub ended up hitting the glaberuza so hard that its horned head was pushed through its body and out its ass!
the horsemen then went into clean up mode, killing the rest of the army with a bloody determination. as this was happening, the Horsemen noticed that the sky was turning the blackest of nights, overshadowing them and their bloody work. then, from teh dark clouds, piercing light erupted from teh clouds striking the ground and burning teh demon-possessed where they stood. figures clad in heavy plate armor and bearing massive feathery wings glided smoothly down to the earth, and joined int eh slaughter of the army.
once the slaughter was done, the angels came toward the party, and pulled forth a scroll. the scroll read as follows:

I, Xavier of the Guided Light and servant of The Just Sword, do declare that all of the Horsemen (Death, War Famine, and Conquest) must and willed be killed for the wrongful murder of our Captain and leader, Acarus First to Heironious. This sentence is to be carried out immediately and with no mercy and with great justice. May The Light forgive them ,and The Sword strike them down.

the battle began. at first, the party was not doing so great, and getting a little overwhelmed. Famine pulled through though, killing one of the Devas and then calming the other one to defend and heal him. during this time, Famine spoke calmly to the deva, and discovered that crime they were being accused of happened almost a month ago. this was quite impossible, because they were only made horsemen a few days before. but the devas would hear nothing of it, and also calmly told him he would die by her hand. once that enchantment weared off though, she swore vengeance and retribution and disappeared.
the horsemen, weary and battle worn, were confused that they were blamed for a murder they did not commit. what plot was this? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DAWN OF THE THIRSTER!!!



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