Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

some things happened...

-went around in Madrid, found a sorceror contact that would bring them north
-got in a fight with teh young duke, and a giant construct made of dead bodies
-left madrid after it was basically destroyed
-as they were traveling north, ran into a depressed cleric (Chad)
-headed north into the Sands of Katar, saw the massive Worm
-went to a small town, took refuge with a priest (who was also a powerful werewolf), he said he had no more divine power (heronious is fucked) and that he needed their help to defeat the eveil in Castle Black (that would be Grievous Blackheart)
-they stormed his castle, and fought killing him and all his lieutenants
-the priest died in teh attack
-they now have the castle for themselves



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