Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

The Horsemen Cometh...

-Basking in their victory over Blackheart, the heroes relax a bit in their new castle each brought her under unique and strange circumstances. as they slept, they all dreamed of untold destruction and chaos taking the entire world. Awakening in the middle of the night, they all felt the need to go outside and get to the highest vantage point possible.
-Once they were all at the top of the tower, a massive gale disturbed the air and enviroment around them, and a brilliant white comet came screaming toward them from the far off distance. With a great crash in the middle of them, a massive figure landed and stood.
-He immediately asked, “Why have you not answered my summons?” and “There are only 3 of you, where is the forth?” He then went on, “I am Gragane,” he said, “Guardian of the wayward and Watcher of Fates. You have been taske with discovering the fate of Heironious and restoring the balance. Prepare yourselves mortals, for this is no simple trial. Fate has cursed you and charged me with assisting you. Beware though, for The Heavens and Hells will hunt and chase you. But do not worry too much, you have allies yet, and companions that your very souls will recognize.”
“What good is a Horseman, without their mighty steeds?”
-Gragane then lifted his hands to the sky, and summoned forth 3 bright comets hurtling toward each of the heroes. They hit each of them with the force of a thousand blows, but caused no damage to them. Runic symbols appeared all over each of them, glowing in power and specific colors, and thus they were named:
-Ug-Grub was proclaimed WAR, and glowed with a red light, and his mount was a raging bull
-Mezerith was proclaimed CONQUEST, and glowed with a blue light, and his mount was a dragonhorse
-Dorian was proclaimed FAMINE, and glowed with a green light, and his mount was a black unicorn with sunken eyes and a broken horn
-Gragane proclaimed them all Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and charged them with reforging the Divinity Diamond, a divine artifact of incalculable power. to do so, they would need four powerful artifacts: The heart of Katar, the Third Eye of Makra, The Hand of Yzesor, and the Kraken’s Soul
-as the Horsemen began to fly off into the night on their new mounts a massive white dracolich came to attack them , branishing a challenge to the Horsemen. the battle did not favor the dragon though, and it feel.
-Tracking the dragon’s lair, they found a small host of undead guarding the treasure, and defeating them after a tough fight.
-And thus the Horsemen were brought into the world again, how will they change the world?



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