Dawn of the Thirster: The Horsemen Ride Again

Trouble brewing in Madrid....

-go to the unicorn’s open legs
-notice identical thugs, upon examination, Anya found something oddly magical about them. They cared little for the party
-the owner of the establishment is a charmy little gnome by the name of Fedurduckle Bandersnatch, Fedur for short
-they asked him about the location of some clerics and paladins, and he said that he had no idea what they were talking about, but Shithead knew better and say through the rouse
-Ug-grub saw fit to push buttons in the inn too far, and was thrown out with a combination of identical thugs and a hold person spell. Afterwards he wandered around outside in a huff
-Adranus tried to question Fedurduckle but could get nothing out of him at the moment, and arranged a meeting with him later that night
-the party went shopping and got some items
-they arrived at the designated location, and were ambushed by Fedurduckle and his gang of thugs. The party made short work of them and found a note on his body telling of a “hideout”, and tracked him back from where he came from in the sewers.
-they encountered some zombies, but easily dispatched them
-coming upon a part of the sewers that was less foul, they watched a horrible scene of a young beautiful blonde man with blonde hair plunge a dagger into corpses, raising them from the dead in the process. The undead had red eyes, which matched a glowing on the young man’s chest as he chanted before stabbing the dead.
-they went back to the Church of Light to find the High Cleric gone on a political trip. They were asked many questions, but only knew some of the answers. They were told the names of the twin thugs, Dee and Dum
-they went back to the Unicorn’s Open Legs, and asked around about the bald twin thugs, hoping to learn their whereabouts.
-Adranus thought he saw one, and went outside. There was nothing to be seen, and the party began to wonder if they had some sort of magical hiding ability.
-they ended up going back to the antechamber in the sewers, and there were no longer a mound of dead bodies there. Ug-grub tried to destroy the altar, which was wholly evil and necromantic, and he couldn’t (Orcus stopped him). The party then went in the adjoining room, and found another, smaller altar with a round void in the table, obviously something was missing (like a bowl or something)
-fought a creepy powerful undead
-went up past the door and found the rich boy, he told them he arrogantly already succeeded, and that they were going to die
-he left, and they followed, and encountered him again outside, and 4 vampires.
-it was a tough fight, but they managed to win, but the rich kid got away
-they went back into town, and a group of guards tried to arrest them
-running away and hiding at a local inn, the found a wanted poster for themselves, saying they attempted to murder/assassinate Lord Darian Ellamin III.



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