Horsemen Fortress

as old as the Horsemen, their dwelling is isolated and well guarded


Basement-a prison with 30 barred cells. the entire floor is subject to an antimagic field

1st Floor- entrance hall

2nd Floor- Library containing vast knowledge on plethora of subjects

3rd Floor- Bedroom fit to house all of the Horsemen. Also has cabinet that can offer them food everyday which heals them completely and recovers Mythic points as well.

4th Floor- The control hub of the entire tower. There is an alchemy bench for potions, and a section for creating magical wares as well. Forging weapons can also be done here. There is a portal there that be be used to transport The Horsemen to almost any location with a successful Use Magical Device, Knowledge (Planes), or Knowledge (Arcana) check of DC=25. Also, 12 Mythic Points must be used for it to work. The control panel in teh middle of the room allows the one seated to know everything happening within the castle as with the Greater Scrying spell. The control panel will also allows powers as well as long as the user is seated in the control chair.

Call lightning storm 1/day. The master must be in the control
chamber or one of the towers to use this ability.
• Guards and wards 1/day on the central tower.
• Storm of vengeance 1/day. The master must be in the
control chamber to use this ability, and the storm rains down
from the castle’s cloudy base upon everything within range
underneath (2,200 feet).
• Wind wall at will. This effect surrounds the entire castle at
a range of 100 feet, and can be raised or lowered by the
master (or a creature he or she designates) from the control
room or any tower as a standard action.


Horsemen Fortress

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